about DP

Dominique Peninon

After 50 years of passion for photography, I continue to travel the world with my camera, exploring its diversity and appreciating its amazing beauty. I do so today with the same pleasure and excitement as I did 50 years ago – perhaps even more!

I have a passion for people in their day-to-day life, their culture; I love catching a moment of life, an atmosphere, an identity. I consider photography as a testimony of their civilization.

I also enjoy nature in its wide variety of beauty: wildlife, landscapes, light, weather, colours ……

Photographers have a special ability for storytelling and the camera lens provides an eye to witness special moments in time.

More recently, street art has become a new source of interest. I consider it to be a very efficient form of expression – at the same time artistic, political, aesthetic. City life at last gives so many opportunities to capture a scene, an atmosphere.

My family, children and grand-children are also a never ending source of inspiration which I share only with a few.

Even though I shoot thousands of photos a year, there are only a few I am proud of, which I am happy to share on this site. For more, you can follow me on Instagram for a selection by countries and themes.

Dominique Peninon